The Google Local Algorithm: 2017 and Beyond, with Shotland & Mihm

Despite a convoluted consumer path to purchase, which relies on multiple sources, search remains the top and most consistent channel that consumers use to find local business information. For marketers this means a continuing imperative to focus on Google (and Bing).

Google’s algorithm regularly changes, with impacts on companies large or small that sell things offline. Google is also rolling out a mobile-only index, which will now be its primary index. This will impact everyone as well.

At the same time, the conventional wisdom about the value of citations is being questioned if not overturned. How will all these elements play out over the next 12 to 36 months? This is part of what local search and SEO experts David Mihm and Andrew Shotland will be discussing in their tactical session on the Google Local Algorithm.

This year at LSA 17 we’ve divided the agenda into (mostly) broad discussions on the main stage and tactical breakout sessions that address specific, practical issues and challenges. From sales tactics, advertiser retention and co-op, to voice search and offline attribution, these sessions feature leading practitioners with concrete tips and advice.

Mihm and Shotland in particular have long histories in local and are among a handful of top local SEO experts in the US. You won’t want to miss their insights, predictions, analysis — and humor.

Shotland Mihm LSA 17

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