The All-in-one Sales Challenge

All-in-one saas solutions are a blessing and a curse for publishers

The LSA’s Tech Adoption Index survey has consistently found that small businesses want someone to help them overcome the “death by a thousand apps” and organize all of the tools they need to run their businesses into a unified suite of products. The dilemma the full stack presents is that it offers a real solution for improved stickiness, which drives lifetime value. Yet many sellers are apprehensive about offering the full stack to their SMB clients because they fear it will have a negative impact on the cost of sales.

This white paper offers some ideas from leaders who sit at the point of sale with SMBs on how to break through this dilemma and effectively sell the full stack. The answers they gave involved new and creative sales strategies, including using a single “wedge” to kickstart the customer relationship, as well as using service, and increasingly AI, to gradually sell SMBs deeper into the stack.

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