SEL: Automation vs. Sales Reps for SEM

When it comes to local search advertising, will SMBs be more inclined to utilize automated, self-service tools in coming years? Or will sales reps still play an important role? Only time will tell, but automated services does not equate to self service and small businesses struggle with the time needed to manage self service offerings.

In my latest Search Engine Land column, I took a look at search marketing for SMBs, the growth of automated tools and the future role of sales reps in the space.  Some of the questions I address include:

  • Who should SMBs turn to in order to get the right help with search marketing?
  • What is the role for the estimated 80,000 local sales representatives in the United States and as many as 200,000 worldwide?
  • Will technology enable SMBs to market themselves or help sales reps be more productive?
  • Will telephone sales take over in-person sales?

Head over to SEL to learn more.

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