Sección Amarilla CEO Snares Two Leadership Awards

Sección Amarilla’s longtime CEO Benjamin Podoswa Schwaycer recently earned two awards for his leadership from Business Worldwide Magazine.

The awards were in two categories. “Best CEO in Mexico’s Advertising Industry” and “Digital Business Transformation CEO of the Year – Mexico”.

Sección Amarilla CEO Benjamin Podoswa Schwaycer

Sección Amarilla is Mexico’s leading local search company, with roots in print Yellow Pages. The company is a division of América Móvil, a Mexico City-based telecom founded by billionaire Carlos Slim.

Like many legacy Yellow Pages organizations, Sección Amarilla has had to pivot from media publisher to digital agency in order to survive and meet the changing needs of Mexican small businesses. Today, the company offers websites, SEO, digital advertising, and eCommerce solutions to SMBs.

Supporting SMBs in Times of Crisis

The magazine cited Sección Amarilla and Podoswa’s dedication to the small business market, especially during the COVID crisis, in granting the awards. Here is some of what the magazine said.

Mexico has been particularly badly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, with the economy dropping sharply in the first quarter of the year. Many Mexicans are anxious about visiting bricks and mortar stores, forcing them to go online. Sección Amarilla is dedicated to helping business owners not only survive, but to thrive, offering highly effective digital solutions at an affordable price.”

We reached out to Podoswa for a comment on the awards and what they mean to him and his organization.

“I feel very happy with this achievement,” Podoswa told Localogy Insider. “I have been working at Sección Amarilla for 15 years. Since the beginning, I have focused all of my efforts on keeping this company profitable and alive. It was a huge challenge for me due to the many many factors involved in these kinds of transformations. To achieve these awards is a reflection on many many years of work with all my team, the union, and of course with our customers.”

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