SaaS Superpower ServiceTitan Embraces AI

Amply funded SaaS company ServiceTitan plans to beef up its solutions for the “trades” through the power of AI. ServiceTital calls this new suite of intelligent solutions Titan Intelligence.

It‘s not entirely clear what Titan Intelligence does for business owners. But as the release states, the new features will “provide home and commercial service providers with actionable insights and recommendations”.

“Titan Intelligence is bringing the power of data and AI to the trades on a scale that has never been seen before. This industry will no longer have to wait years, or even decades, to take advantage of modern technology innovations,” said ServiceTitan co-founder and President Vahe Kuzoyan.

“The launch of Titan Intelligence represents a giant leap forward for the trades. And [it is] another example of ServiceTitan’s commitment to providing contractors with access to the best technology to fuel their business.”

Educational Opportunity

ServiceTitan has an opportunity to convince its larger SMB customers of AI’s utility.

Yet it’s also a lot to expect a local business operator to utilize the broad-based benefits of data-driven insights and automated recommendations. We can certainly see that business operators using AI solutions within a relatively small range of use cases. However, we’re not sure if SMBs will make widespread use of it.

In the press release, the company notes that business owners will soon be able to “unlock the power of their own data”. So for AI models to predict outcomes and make recommendations, our understanding is the underlying data set needs to have significant scale.

That said, data that can be leveraged from all of ServiceTitan’s 7,500 customers could be really interesting. We think it’s a heavy lift for ServiceTitan to educate and train its customer to benefit from all of the intended AI applications.

Feature Update

In announcing Titan Intelligence, the company also pointed to some new product updates and features. Those updates include: 

  • Smart Dispatch. This is a dispatch tool for operators with multiple trucks and technicians. It’s designed to better assign technicians to job sites based on geography, skills, and drive time. 
  • Price Insights. This feature delivered via ServiceTitan Pricebook Pro enables contractors to see average pricing in their areas. This, in turn, makes it easier to offer competitive pricing.
  • Marketing Pro Ads. This solution helps service providers lower their CPL (cost per lead). It does so by using technology to maximize Google spending for performance. 

“The trades industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation. And we want to equip our customers with the trades-specific tools and valuable data-driven insights they need to meet this critical moment head-on,” said ServiceTitan CEO and co-founder Ara Mahdessian.

“We believe that all tradespeople deserve not only the best but also the most innovative technology available to power their businesses that power our lives.”

We certainly agree. And we are also eager to see service providers gain the benefits that large enterprises extract from ML and AI. If they can, that will be really cool. 

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