Reputation Acquires CX Platform Nuvi for ‘World-Class’ Social Listening Tool

Reputation (formerly has made an acquisition designed to strengthen its social media management capabilities. The company will acquire Nuvi, a customer experience platform best known for its social listening capabilities. Reputation did not disclose terms.

So what’s social listening? It’s monitoring social media channels for mentions of your brand, competitors, product, and more. The practice gives brands an opportunity to track, analyze, and respond to conversations about them on social media. Nuvi describes itself as a “unified social listening and customer experience software company.”

“Our acquisition of Nuvi brings a richer social media management experience to our customers. Along with its proprietary AI and natural language processing engine, Nuvi’s social listening tools will help multi-location businesses gain a deeper and more focused understanding of their unstructured data,” said Reputation CEO Joe Fuca.  “We are thrilled to have Nuvi join us in realizing our goal of becoming the platform of choice for businesses looking to further embrace digital transformation and refine their consumer experience.”

Focsus on AI/NLP, and R&D

In case you were wondering, Nuvi is short for “New Visualizations”. The company launched in 2012.

“Nuvi has been hyper-focused on enabling our customers to succeed across Social Customer Experience channels. We’re incredibly excited to join Reputation and bring our social media expertise to an already robust feedback-to-action platform,” Nuvi CEO Michael Mullarkey said. “Reputation is gaining an experienced team of engineers and leaders who understand how to help businesses drive impactful customer interactions across all social media channels.”

Nuvi employees will join Reputation and serve as the company’s foundational research and development office in Utah. The company will also add staff in Utah in disciplines that include marketing, customer service, and engineering.

As Fuca suggested, Reputation believes the acquisition signals its commitment to software excellence. The deal announcement highlights Nuvi’s proprietary AI and natural language processing (NLP) engine. And Reputation also cites Nuvi’s talented research and development team as a key asset to the deal.

Some more specific benefits of the deal, according to Reputation, include, as noted, deeper social listening capabilities. For example, with Nuvi, Reputation can now hyper-target brand and competitor mentions through keyword rules and filters. And Nuvi’s AI/NLP engine can ingest more data types from social posts. This enables accurate data insights beyond liking, commenting, responding, and retweeting.

Finally, Reputation says Nuvi’s technology makes it possible to do much deeper segmentation, including emotion analysis, geographic information, and author data.

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