Auto, Home Services and Retail SMB Trends 2021


Auto, Home Services and Retail SMB Trends 2021

Localogy’s 2021 Modern Commerce Monitor survey of 1000+ US small businesses dives into the current state of Auto, Home Services, and Retail small business trends for 2021. This report helps readers understand small business investment in new technology to operate and compete in local marketplaces. Find out which types of SaaS applications (e.g., CRM, scheduling, POS,) SMBs are buying. This report examines how auto, retail and home services SMBs are operating and when they expect to recover from Covid-19 impact.

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Date: April 2021

Length: 12 Pages

Composition: charts and analysis (responses and trends from February 2021)

Charts included:

• Operational changes 2020-2021
• Marketing priorities, adoption of new technology
• Types of software and digital tools being adopted
• Key benefits of adopting new technology
• Sales channels used to purchase technology
• Expectations of future recovery and time frame