Place Conference Workshop: How to Do Location Better

The Place Conference is September 21 in Chicago — a little less than a month away. We’re now getting lots of buzz and seeing more brands register. (Speakers that initially passed are now coming back and asking to speak.)

It’s going to be a great event. It’s also a unique event.

It’s not a “mobile” conference or a “retail” conference or a “local” conference (as that term has come to be defined). It’s a conference about how location is being used across industries to improve the customer experience, better define audiences and do critical online-to-offline attribution. The mobile device is at the center of it all but it’s bigger than any single platform.

The conference is packed with informational sessions, case studies and great speakers. But wait, there’s more. We decided that we wanted to offer a kind of “location clinic” the day before for agencies, publishers and others that wanted a more “hands on” and practical look at some of the location tools and tactics being discussed at the event.

The pre-conference Location Intelligence Workshop starts on September 20 at 2:30pm and ends at 5pm, when the conference reception begins. Here are the workshop sessions:

  • From Pokemon Go to Snapchat Geofilters: new thinking about location data
  • Listings management is now location data management
  • Location: it’s “Who not Where”
  • The nuts and bolts of offline attribution
  • Elements of a successful beacon marketing program
  • What to look for when choosing a location platform or data provider

These instructional and educational sessions will be lead by xAd, Yext, SIM Partners and Unacast. They’re intended to demystify these topics and deliver critical insights about how to do this stuff.

Tracy Manning from xAd is leading the session “What to look for when choosing a location platform or data provider.” Before she was at xAd, she was at Twitter and AT&T. At AT&T she was “Director Of Product Development Big Data/advertising, Audiences & Measurement.”

She told me that in that role she talked to every location platform in the market in an effort to figure out the real capabilities of each (as opposed to marketing claims) and whom to work with. She’s going to discuss how she figured it out, what to look for and the lessons she learned.

She now works for xAd but she’s going to discuss her criteria and conclusions from the perspective of an agency or advertiser. It’s going to be a very informational and insightful session — as will the others.

You won’t want to miss it.

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