Multi-Location Brand Strategies: Distributed, Centralized or Hybrid?

Digital channels are impacting at least $2 trillion in offline revenues according to Deloitte. Those include search, social media and reviews among others. Numerous studies and data consistently show that localized content or messaging are more effective than generic brand messaging.

For example, MomentFeed customer data show that 80% of social media consumer engagements with a brand take place on local pages and only 20% on corporate pages. Across all metrics local pages outperform brand/corporate pages.

But for a brand with 10,000, 1,000 or even 100 locations, managing content, comments, reviews and consumer engagement on a per location basis across large platforms can be extremely challenging. MomentFeed indicated that most of these interactions on happening on mobile devices.

On LSA’s webinar this week,  LSA’s Greg Sterling and MomentFeed’s Tom Kuhr discussed the three primary tactical approaches to managing a multi-location brand at scale. Each involves some sort of trade-off between local authenticity and corporate/brand control.

Kuhr outlined and explained the strategies:

  • Distributed: Empower managers and/or franchisees to engage consumers directly on mobile
  • Centralized: Manage mobile customer experience at brand level
  • Hybrid: Manage mobile customer experience at multiple levels depending on rules/impact

He also presented real customer examples and performance data. It’s well worth checking out below:

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