NinthDecimal’s Local Multi-Touch & PlaceIQ Returns to Its Data Roots

Attribution remains a major pain-point for most enterprise marketers, several years after the advent of location intelligence and various multi-touch attribution (MTA) solutions. Many still rely on a first or last-click methodology because they’re simpler, if myopic and inaccurate.

Now like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, NinthDecimal has combined MTA and location intelligence. I haven’t seen a demo but I spoke with President David Staas who was pretty excited and said that the company has been winning new Fortune 100 business and business from rivals with the new solution. He called it, “a fundamental rethinking of foot-traffic measurement.”

The devil is in the methodology, which takes millions of datapoints (first and third party sources) and customer attributes in the aggregate and looks at media touchpoints in the customer journey leading up to a store visit — as opposed to measuring whether an ad exposure is correlated with a subsequent visit during a 30-day trailing attribution window. NinthDecimal then determines which publishers, media channels and creatives had the greatest impact on store visitation and which audiences responded accordingly.

This could be a game changer and may force NinthDecimal’s competitors to answer. Speaking of which, location intelligence pioneer PlaceIQ announced that it was handing off its managed services business to Zeta Global. In doing so, CEO Duncan McCall says, the company will now focus 100% on data:

In so doing, PlaceIQ returns to its roots: we are 100% focused on delivering superior data solutions into the marketplace – back to our original model and our core DNA of innovating with data. We started the company with a vision of enabling our customers to genuinely make better business decisions and drive real measurable ROI with location data – both inside and outside of the marketing realm – and I’m utterly delighted to say that we are delivering on that vision in a sustainable and repeatable way with many, many customers.  We have reached the day I originally envisioned where deploying location data is not just a marketing tactic, but a fundamental omnichannel business tactic that truly is changing the way companies are doing business.

McCall has always been an eloquent proponent of location intelligence and its many uses. Both he and NinthDecimal will be present at LSA’s forthcoming Place Conference on October 15-16.

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