Moz Uses Data Science to Surface Local Search Insights

Backed by industry-leading data, comprehensive reporting, and the largest community of SEOs on the planet, Moz builds tools that help online marketers easily see their data, keep ahead of the competition, and get actionable insights to optimize their efforts. The company’s local search product, Moz Local, establishes accurate and consistent listing data at the major data aggregators, helping more customers find and connect with local businesses online.

We caught up with David Mihm, director of local search strategy at Moz, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does Moz solve? How?
Accurate and consistent NAP, category and local landing page information is a leading factor in local search engine rankings, but maintaining this listing data and monitoring and eliminating duplicate listings obviously takes incredible time and effort.

With Moz Local you can quickly and easily distribute hundreds or thousands of locations within a few minutes, track listing accuracy and completeness over time, and resolve duplicate listings with the click of a button.  Our dashboard allows for easy labeling and filtering of locations, and we offer an API for larger customers who need even more customized reports for the locations they’re managing.

What makes Moz innovative?
We’re big data geeks. Having spent more than a decade in the trenches of search, we’ve got a pretty deep reservoir of data from which to surface insights and recommendations that will truly move the needle in local search results.

We use data science to inform insights from domain experts like Rand Fishkin and Dr. Pete Meyers, which gives us a pretty big advantage not only in product direction but also in the mechanics of how those products are built.

How does Moz make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
My previous company, GetListed, was one of the first to provide local businesses with a sense of how they were represented across multiple local search sites.  Our team at Moz continues to build on that foundation, providing transparency into cross-platform listing distribution and accuracy that just hasn’t been available in an automated way.

We’ve also invested a huge amount of internal resources into one of the most robust duplicate identification algorithms in the market.  We make closing duplicate listings painless, efficient, and dare I say, even fun.  (Clearly my local search addiction has reached a new level…)

Perhaps more importantly, we’re 100% committed to offering this product at a price point that customers from 1 location to 100,000 locations can afford.

What is next in local?
Obviously, there’s no shortage of innovation in the local marketing space, from programmatic ad placement to location-aware media campaigns and localized content marketing.

We’re going to continue to focus on leveraging our technology and expertise in search to paint a comprehensive, transparent picture of how a location is performing in the digital world, and how that digital presence is translating into hard dollars for businesses of all sizes.

You can learn more about Moz Local and how the company supports local marketing by visiting and watching the quick video.

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