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Mono Partners with Xrysos Odigos to Deliver Digital Solutions to Greek SMBs

The site-builder platform Mono Solutions has landed a new partnership with Xyrsos Odigos (that’s Greek for “Yellow Pages”) to provide websites and other digital solutions to Greek small businesses.

As its name suggests, Xrysos Odigos is an online directory and trusted source of business information in Greece. It also plays an agency role, offering integrated digital solutions to SMBs. The company says it needed a partner that can keep pace with the newest technology trends and market demands. Plus providing a quality customer experience is equally important.

“We decided to go with the Mono Platform as the platform is strong on customer experience. It’s built to please online search engines, thus getting higher rankings for our websites. It’s cost-effective and easy-to-use for small business owners. We are thrilled to have a strong technology partner like Mono Solutions to help us achieve the vision of providing the right digital marketing tools designed specifically for small businesses,” says Xrysos Odigos’ Maria Spyropoulou.


Mono Solutions CEO Henrik Stampe


Keeping its Focus on SMBs

The is a nice win for Mono Solutions. The company has kept its focus squarely on building products for the small business market. And on finding partners with a similar focus. While Mono offers do-it-yourself and full-service products, its sweet spot is the do-it-with-me (DIWM) approach. This is a midpoint between unaided DIY and full-service DIFM (do-it-for-me). this is the right approach for many SMBs that may lack the time or wherewithal to DIY but also lack the budget for DIFM.

Mono’s CEO told us the new deal is an important addition to its portfolio of partners.

“Mono had great cooperation with digital service providers in the local space for years all over the world. But Greece is new to us. We are truly excited about expanding our reach and marketing technology to serve the needs of the small business owners in Greece also. The needs of the small business owners are in general not different across borders. But sometimes there are learnings related to the local fit that provide us with new ideas, this is also why it’s interesting to expand geographically,” said Mono CEO Henrik Stampe.

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