Mono Expands Its Product Stack with DIWM Email Marketing

Mono Solutions is the latest company in the competitive site builder space to add marketing tools to its stack. This week Mono rolled out an email marketing solution to offer a bigger solutions set for its reseller partners. Mono acknowledges that many if not most customer interactions today occur somewhere other than on a business’s website.

“We’re proud to introduce Mono Email Marketing as a great new solution for our partners to truly take a do-it-with-me (DIWM) approach to engaging their small business clients,” Olivier Gerey-Bak, Chief Product Officer at Mono Solutions, told Localogy Insider.

“It’s becoming increasingly important for small businesses to engage with their customers beyond the website, and Mono Email Marketing gives business owners the ability to take control and communicate directly with their customers.”

Mono, based in Denmark, works largely through channel partners, including agencies and media companies.

Expanding the Solutions Set

We’ve written extensively here about the efforts of website builders to add products and features in order to build more attractive bundles for end-users.

We’ve seen major website players like Wix and GoDaddy add features that stem naturally from their core website offerings, including eCommerce, CRM, social, marketing suites, and more.

The logic behind this trend is clear. The more robust the feature set, the more attractive the platform vs competitors. And of course, more features mean a higher average revenue per user. Mono recognized these needs as well.

“For our partners, it gives the opportunity to offer a more complete digital marketing stack to their SMB clients, as well as introduce new value-adding services, such as copywriting and design of email campaigns,” Gerey-Bak told us. “It will also drive greater product engagement from small businesses that want to create email content themselves, but need help with graphics from their digital service provider – which I think is an excellent example of how a do-it-with-me approach will become more relevant in the future.”

Mono is deeply committed to the do-it-with-me model. This is basically the sweet spot between DIY and DIFM. In the former, the customer does all the work. In the latter, the customer does none of the work.

The addition of value-added services like design and copywriting is a clear differentiator for Mono. In 2018, Localogy and Mono conducted a study that found that while DIY is growing among SMBs, larger SMBs maintained a strong preference for a full-service solution.

Going Native?

Last week we wrote about AWeber’s integration of the Weblium site builder into its email marketing platform. That integration allows AWeber’s SMB customers to sync Weblium’s sign-up forms and landing pages. This enables customs to quickly onboard the right content for on-brand email campaigns that drive traffic to the right places.

Mono has taken a different tack. It decided to build a native email marketing solution that operates seamlessly with other elements of its platform.

“We believe that SMBs will be most successful with an email marketing solution when combined with a powerful customer management tool,” Gerey-Bak said. “We decided to build Mono Email Marketing as a native solution so that business owners could benefit from the ability to collect newsletter sign-ups via their website, store it in our native customer database and then easily send out beautiful email campaigns to those visitors.”
Email’s Endurance

Despite having a bit of a stodgy reputation, email has endured as a go-to marketing channel,  particularly for SMBs. We recently wrote about how email open rates have spiked during the COVID era. This isn’t surprising. Most of us have been stuck at home, spending more time than usual in front of screens.

Another (COVID-independent) argument that favors email over rival channels like social media is control. It’s a point that AWeber’s Dave Stys made to us in an interview earlier this year.

“What sets email marketing apart from social media is you actually get to own your own subscribers. They are not just followers,” Dave said. “And you get to control who sees your content.”

Mono’s Gerey-Bak made a similar point.

“Seventy-three percent of consumers already prefer email marketing over other channels,” Gerey-Bak said. “Consumer increasingly wants control over the content that they ‘subscribe’ to, and with more focus on consumer privacy (GDPR and CCPA) – I don’t think that this will be changing any time soon.”

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