MomentFeed Taps into Nextdoor’s Growing Importance to Multi-location Brands

Nextdoor isn’t always mentioned in the same breath as other major discovery platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yelp, and others. But perhaps it should be. According to Nextdoor, one in four American households are active on its platform. 

And the company has seen engagement on its platform skyrocket during the COVID-19 crisis. The more time we spend at home, the more we notice skunks and coyotes roaming our neighborhoods. Also, the more we ask our neighbors for recommendations for home repair pros or socially distanced tutors for our kids.

Helping Brands Tap into Discovery 

It is this role as a business discovery platform is what really appeals to brands looking for deeper local connection. And, of course, it’s why MomentFeed has partnered with Nextdoor to help its multi-location brand clients access and manage their Nextdoor presence.

This is from the MomentFeed blog post announcing the deal.

“Nextdoor isn’t just for neighborhood discussions. Businesses are central to the platform as well. In fact, as much as 25% of the conversations on the [Nextdoor] app revolve around users sharing recommendations on local businesses. As a result, Nextdoor is quickly becoming critical for any location-based business serious about managing its local online presence.”

MomentFeed for Nextdoor offers multi-location brands the following functionality. 

  • Setting up Nextdoor Business Pages
  • Cross-promoting Nextdoor Business Pages
  • Helping brands engage with their Nextdoor communities
  • Improving local search visibility.

“The power of local, social trust has always been important and continues to grow amid COVID-19. Consumers are increasingly turning to their local communities for news and recommendations, and Nextdoor has been there for them. In fact, Nextdoor saw its global daily active members increase 80% month-over-month amid COVID-19,” MomentFeed CEO Nick Hedges told Localogy Insider.

“Given Nextdoor’s emerging prominence in local social marketing, we moved quickly to give our clients a competitive edge. Our partnership with Nextdoor is yet another way we help multi-location brands put the power of proximity to work. Now multi-location brands can use MomentFeed to manage their local presence on Nextdoor alongside other important discovery networks like Facebook, Yelp, Google, and many others.”

We recently interviewed Hedges about MomentFeed’s $10 million funding round. And the company’s decision to deploy that capital exclusively against product vs. sales and marketing. 

The Delicate Art of Monetization 

For its part, Nextdoor has been working on ways to more effectively monetize its highly engaged, hyperlocal audience.

To give one example, last October we wrote about Nextdoor’s rollout of “Local Deals“. This is an ad tool that seeks to combine the best of local targeting and word of mouth.

One of the challenges we noted in our coverage of Local Deal is the truly organic feel of Nextdoor. And we question whether Nextdoor’s efforts to monetize its engaged audience risk upsetting the alchemy that makes the platform a hyperlocal gem.

Of course, it’s a risk Nextdoor must take to monetize the platform. However the more carefully it manages this balance the better. And this is a message that brands need to take to heart as they leverage the platform.

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