Matchcraft Rolls Out Yelp Ads Integration

Matchcraft announced today that it will integrate Yelp ads into its adVantage digital marketing platform. This adds another source of traffic for clients using adVantage to run digital ad campaigns.

Integrating Yelp Ads into the adVantage platform allows reseller and agency partners to offer their advertisers expanded access to new inventory and an extensive audience. And, as Matchcraft notes in the partnership announcement, Yelp’s audience has high purchase intent. Matccraft also points out that advertisers gain some efficiency of scale by using a single point of entry for provisioning and managing Yelp campaigns alongside paid search, social, and display campaigns. And the company adds that advertisers also benefit from cross-channel performance reporting.

“As advertising resellers strive for efficiencies in their media buying workflows, we’re thrilled that Yelp has been integrated into the MatchCraft adVantage™ platform,” Yelp’s SVP for Business and Corporate Development Chad Richard said in a statement. “This integration will enable MatchCraft advertisers to reach Yelp’s high-intent audience which trusts our content to inform their purchasing decisions. Through this integration, buyers can leverage adVantage™ to seamlessly include Yelp into their broader strategic digital media buys.”  

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Matchcraft CEO Sandy Lohr emphasized how the deal expands the inventory the martech company can offer its clients.

“We are excited to add another inventory channel in the lineup of social, search and display options for our partners and their local merchant advertisers,” Sandy said in a statement. “The addition of Yelp inventory into our suite of solutions opens up previously untapped access to potential customers. The addition not only opens new inventory sources, it provides a scalable solution for driving maximum return on ad spend.”

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First of Many?

We wonder if this is the first of many announcements to come from agencies that will integrate Yelp ads into their platforms. This would certainly be good for Yelp. But it also benefits advertisers. After all, Yelp is among the most important sites for local merchants to list their businesses. After all, the site collects a lot of reviews, which remain a top SEO ranking factor.

The ability to manage campaigns across the key local platforms — Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, and so on — is also powerful. Not just for convenience but for the ability to compare the performance of each channel.

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