MatchCraft Productizes Its APIs with New ‘Powered by’ Solution

The digital marketing platform player MatchCraft has launched a new solution called “Powered By” that essentially “productizes” the company’s suite of APIs. This gives third-party platforms access to the technology behind MatchCraft’s flagship AdVantage platform to power local search, social, and display campaigns.

APIs (application programming interfaces) are a means for software to communicate with other software. Today, the digital economy runs on APIs. Imagine how a ridesharing application, for example, could function without access to the Google Maps API? And APIs are increasingly a revenue stream. Some companies, including Salesforce, eBay, and Expedia, are generating half or more of their revenue through APIs.

Buy or Build?

A key selling point for MatchCraft’s new PoweredBy solution is that it gives companies access to technology build and refined over 20 years. It’s the old, “Why build it when you can just buy it?” But modernized for the API economy.

“The real power of ‘Powered by’ is that it enables our partners to focus on building out self-serve advertising products and services without having to devote time and resources creating technology we have spent the last 20+ years perfecting,” said Matchcraft CEO Sandy Lohr. “The depth of MatchCraft’s technological and industry knowledge is an incredible advantage for our partners who rely on our ability to navigate a changing landscape.”

Matchcraft Rolls Out Yelp Ads Integration

MatchCraft argued that understanding how local marketing platforms work takes years to master. And it requires expertise that many tech firms don’t cultivate. The company says “Powered by” is optimized to ensure the technology is up to date and addresses the needs of small business advertisers.

MatchCraft is betting that by productizing its APIs it will find a new audience for its solutions.

“Offering tech providers access to MatchCraft’s battle-tested local ad technology opens up new opportunities for both MatchCraft and our industry. ‘Powered by’ enables platforms to expand revenue streams into channels that may otherwise be unattainable,” Lohr said.


Building a Sustainable Digital Agency: A Conversation with Sandy Lohr

MatchCraft adds that new features across multiple channels are continually in development and integrated into “Powered by. This gives its partners access to new opportunities as soon as they are available.

MatchCraft also believes “Powered by” is an option for those struggling with Google’s plans to phase out its AdWords API.

Earlier this year, Google announced earlier this year that it will stop supporting the current AdWords API on April 27, 2022. This will make “Powered by” a potentially attractive solution for platforms that are unable to make the transition to the Google Ads API. MatchCraft says its engineers have been working with the Google Ads API since its entered beta in 2018.

From Alpha to adVantage

MatchCraft was founded in California back in 1998 by Dorab Patel, Scott Kalter, and Uzi Eliahou. The original broad business concept was to become be a real-time exchange between buyers and sellers. Yet it was only later that the founders decided to apply their expertise to search engine marketing. The original exchange, called Alpha, allowed ad space buyers (advertisers) to make offers. And then the sellers (publishers) could review the offers and choose the ones they wanted to run on their site.

Today the company offers its digital marketing platform to agencies and resellers worldwide. Some of its partners include FCR (Belgium), McClatchy (USA), Eniro (Sweden), Trudon (South Africa), Advantago (Germany), Ellohub (Brazil), and others.

Notably, MatchCraft now bills itself as a 100% remote company. We discussed working remotely during the pandemic and the future of the office with Lohr in a video interview last October.

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