Matchcraft, DanAds Deal Reflects Growing Demand for Self-Service Tools

A new integration deal between MatchCraft and DanAds extends publishers’ ability to offer self-service social media advertising. It’s a move in keeping with the long-term trend toward self-service platforms. The deal also reflects the greater need for automation and cost savings spurred on by the ongoing pandemic. MatchCraft is a martech company that manages digital ad campaigns. While DanAds provides publishers with self-service ad infrastructure.

So, according to the deal announcement, the integration allows DanAds partners to connect to social media and search advertising outlets, including Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. This allows DanAds’s clients to run campaigns using their own inventory and external inventories. And all without human interaction or the manual handling of assets.

Executives from the two companies focus on the efficiencies of self-service in their comments about the deal.

“By enabling advertisers to purchase social media advertising space through our self-service technology, we hope to further democratize the online advertising market and meet the growing demands for self-service for social media campaigns,” said DanAds CPO and co-founder Peo Persson.

MatchCraft CEO Sandy Lohr had this to say. “We aim to give both publishers and advertisers greater ROI through increased efficiency and automation of social media ad operations and creative management, helping businesses to reach targeted audiences without having to engage in the more time-consuming and costly manual processes.”

Focus on Revenue-Driven Tasks

For those unfamiliar with DanAds, the Swedish company was founded in 2013 by Persson and  CEO Istvan Beres. On its website, DanAds describes its core offering as a “white-labeled self-service infrastructure that enables all departments to focus on revenue-driven tasks instead of manual administration.”

DanAds’ clients include large media organizations like Bloomberg and Hearst. It also lists leading digital media players like Soundcloud and TripAdvisor.

In an August article announcing a new investment round, the company asserts that it has benefited from the pandemic. The reason? Publishers’ need to manage costs has accelerated the automation of ad buying.

According to the founders, DanAds has, in a way, benefited from the corona pandemic, as it accelerates the transition from analog to digital advertising bookings. Their perhaps most significant selling point is that their automation technology saves money for all publishers.

“You could say that the corona pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for us. We have signed several new, significant customer contracts just during the corona pandemic. We have managed to sign the two most significant publishing houses in the UK, and one of the world’s leading travel companies. In times of crisis, of course, publishers want to get as much as possible out of their ad sales, and we have publishers who have been able to reduce their operational costs by up to 85 percent”, says co-founder Peo Persson.

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