LSA Members in the Business of Local: ReachLocal

Today’s LSA member spotlight is with digital marketing solutions provider ReachLocal. ReachLocal helps local businesses grow and operate their business better with leading technology and expert service for their clients’ lead generation and conversion. The company serves local businesses across the world from offices in four regions: North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

We caught up with Zach Chambers, director, strategic partnerships at ReachLocal, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does ReachLocal solve? How?
We provide small businesses with the support and tools needed to generate, manage and convert leads. We operate in a large and fragmented market, and our clients are overwhelmed by a myriad of choices and point solutions. Most of the local businesses we work with want help getting the job done. We make the process easier for them by developing marketing technology that connects them with customers wherever they are online.

By incorporating over a decade’s worth of experience and data insights from tens of thousands of clients and millions of campaigns, our dedicated digital marketing experts collaborate with clients and help them use the best-of-breed total digital marketing system that comprehensively addresses the full range of their digital marketing needs and gives them transparency into the return on investment of their online marketing campaigns.

What makes ReachLocal innovative?
We keep up with technology trends and offer local businesses the same tools that a larger competitor might have at their disposal. Search engine optimized websites that help businesses get found, a mobile app that helps business owners track and follow up with leads on the go, live chat widgets that personalize customer interactions, multi-location support for when the time is right to expand, and real-time reporting that gives critical insights into what’s working and what’s not. We also listen to our clients and embrace the feedback they give us. When we discovered that many of our clients were using more than one marketing solution for their business, we didn’t run away from the statistic, we introduced a third party measurement feature to help them manage all of their investments.

How does ReachLocal make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
Local businesses are starved for time, but still require technology that will help bring success to their business via online marketing. Instead of expecting them to become experts after they purchase our technology, we provide them with experts. Unlike other solutions, ReachLocal provides dedicated service professionals that are like their own custom consultants. They know how your business works, what matters most to your vertical, and how to get the most out of your ReachLocal software.

What is next in local?
We believe the coming year will see two big strategy changes in local online marketing. First is the rise of what ReachLocal is calling Software WITH Service over the traditional Software as a Service (SaaS) business models. This category acknowledges that the do-it-yourself approach to integrating technology into local business is failing far too many organizations and what they really need is state-of-the-art technology with expert service.

Second, businesses will demand increased personalization and a move towards “goal-based” marketing. Gone are the days of measuring alone on metrics such as Click Thru Rates (CTR), Cost Per Clicks (CPC) and Cost Per Impressions (CPM).  The new marketing standard will be to set a marketing objective and manage to that objective with transparency and technology that never takes a minute off. Modern campaign goals include things like: Geo-location, Calls-to-Action, Day-parting, and Personalization. Goal based marketing allows for a comprehensive approach to solve specific performance goals by managing to specific objectives both with human management and technology that optimizes toward these goals. 

To learn more check out the video below, or contact ReachLocal directly at 1-888-644-1321.

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