LSA Insights: Visualizing the Digital Advertising Funnel

We’ve packed a lot of functionality into LSA Insights, our new hub for cross-media performance data and reports. With over 500 reports, and data from over 350,000 actual ad campaigns (and growing), there is a lot to explore on the site. In addition, one of the many valuable analytic tools we have developed is the Media Analyzer.

Any digital media sales pitch needs to set realistic client expectations and even if a sales person does this, the pitch can suffer if the client can’t visualize these expectations. In addition, given the lack of digital understanding among SMBs and national brands, those selling digital are put in a position to educate around how the digital advertising funnel works. That is where our Media Analyzer can help.

The Media Analyzer is a customizable tool that helps visualize the advertising funnel of any campaign across media types. It is dynamic in nature and extremely user friendly, with the ability to download the funnel and plug it into a sales piece in just seconds.  From awareness, to intent, to purchase, the tool helps imagine campaigns based on objectives such as profit, clicks, impressions and more.

Whether looking to find out how CTR is impacting a particular campaign or wondering how many impressions or clicks are needed to retrieve a desired profit, the Media Analyzer can help. Users simply plug in hypothetical conversion metrics and the analyzer shows how to get the most bang for your buck.

Leveraging a standard industry recognized algorithm, the Media Analyzer helps you work more efficiently and effectively by providing an accurate visualization of the digital marketing funnel. Some practical use cases of the tool include:

  • Campaign/Mix Optimization
  • “What If” Scenarios
  • Expectation Setting
  • Benchmark Analysis

LSA Insights is the only tool of its kind in the advertising industry and if you sell digital advertising, we have the resources you need to boost sales. All of the data and tools, including the Media Analyzer, are available with a subscription to LSA Insights.

To learn more about LSA Insights and to subscribe to the tool, contact LSA’s Business Development Manager Kevin Kalinowski at (248) 244-0713.

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