Localogy 2022 – The Not-Talked-About Secret to Hypergrowth

Hypergrowth is the holy grail. But beyond aspiration, how is it achieved in realistic ways (considering the need to eat and sleep)? ActiveCampaign’s Maria Pergolino takes a customer experience angle to answer the question.

Key Takeaways

Here are a few key messages or insights that we gleaned from this session.

  • People see growth, especially in software, as a cookie-cutter hustle mentality, but the right answer is that it depends.
  • This requires a broader framework to apply to any company in specific and purpose-built ways, rather than the cookie-cutter approach
  • Product differentiation is sort of the baseline for traction and growth. You need that before anything else.
  • The guidance is normally to focus on the enterprise for fast growth, but there’s a long-tail opportunity in SMB Saas, especially as larger players like Hubspot move up market and leave a supply gap.
  • ActiveCampaign’s growth has come from its customers. Use your customers as advocates, which is easier said than done but the path to that goal is in, again, differentiated products.
  • Be close to the customer as well, says Pergolino, and don’t boil the ocean – have a focused approach when it comes to product. Be really good at one thing.
  • Follow the AC rule – no one customer should represent more than 5 percent of revenue. Otherwise, product positioning and key UX decisions could be swayed in sub-optimal directions.
  • Similarly, have a core product mission and stick to it. That ethos should permeate all other strategic maneuverings, positioning and M&A.
  • Lastly, eat your own dog food. You’ll know your product inside-out and uncover user pain points when you are one.

The Not-Talked-About Secret to Hypergrowth: Acceleration Through Customer Experience

We’ve all heard what it takes to be a company that achieves hypergrowth, which includes but is not limited to: employees working 24/7, high turnover, rush for funding, scandals and growth at all costs. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Maria Pergolino, CMO of ActiveCampaign, will outline in this session how companies can achieve hypergrowth by focusing on the customer experience.

Maria Pergolino, CMO – ActiveCampaign

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