Localogy 2021: Partnerships that Drive Results

It takes a village to serve local marketing products. Maybe not a village, but partnering to buttress a go-to-market strategy is the name of the game. We’re talking everything from product integrations to channel partnerships to for the last mile to SMB adoption. This was the focus of a panel discussion today at Localogy 2021.

Key Takeaways

— Best practices in SMB marketing partnerships can be seen through the lens of Yelp’s partnership with Scorpion. This brings yelp’s ad products to Scorpion’s marketing suite. Yelp gains a channel and Scorpion broadens its SMB offerings.

— Though these partnerships can be fruitful in the above ways, they’re not always easy to execute. Varying goals, styles, and cultures can clash initially, not to mention avoiding channel conflict (when a given software vendor’s direct sales compete with their channel partner).

— Tactics for fruitful partnerships include clear communication and transparency. Work out the kinks early. This will avoid downstream headaches or conflicts which can be costly to discover later.

— Along the same lines, it’s important for the channel partner to train and communicate goals throughout the organization so that they can effectively sell it and get behind it.

Partnerships that Drive Results

Marketing and advertising agencies servicing SMBs continue to look for sophisticated products that drive their clients’ ad performance, demonstrate ROI on their campaigns, and better tell their story in an increasingly noisy digital landscape. Join Yelp for a discussion about their commitment to building targeted, hyper-local advertising solutions that generate real results, and hear from Scorpion about how they’ve leveraged partnerships to drive leads and revenue for their local business clients.

Drew Canniff
Division VP, Agency & Partner Sales
Jamie Adams
Chief Growth Officer

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