Localogy 2021: Frictionless Commerce

Earlier today at Localogy 2021, Facebook’s Digital Retail Lead for Automotive, Trevor King shared some insight on innovations in creating a more memorable customer journey.

Really, Trevor’s focus was on the notion of  “discovery commerce” which is the process of anticipating consumer needs and matching them with products consistent with those needs. And then integrating transactions easily into the process. So Facebook’s latest instrument for discovery commerce is Facebook Shops. This mobile-first tool allows businesses to build a single storefront across all of Facebook’s apps.

Trevor expanded on these themes later in the day in this panel discussion.

Key Takeaways

These nuggets stood out in Trevor’s talk.

— Checkout must be seamlessly integrated into discovery commerce experiences.

— “Consumer experiences inform shopping solutions. Everything comes out of consumers hacking our products. We fail sometimes, but we learn and adapt.”

— “Leverage the power of creators.” Creating live shopping experiences is one way to do this.

Frictionless Commerce

Whether selling B2B or B2C, SMBs are looking to take the friction out of customer interactions. Facebook’s Digital Retail Lead for Automotive, Trevor King shares insight and innovation on creating a more memorable customer journey.

Trevor King, Facebook

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