Localogy 2021: Frictionless Commerce – Ideas in Practice

Reducing friction is the name of the game in SMB marketing and SaaS. That goes for SMB-facing friction, as well as friction that can be found in their customer-facing products.  A panel at Localogy 2021 today dove into challenges and tactics in this eternal battle to reduce friction in local commerce

Key Takeaways

— Friction is one of the biggest enemies of SMB Saas adoption. That can happen in everything from adopting new tools to finding/redeeming co-op dollars to integrating with legacy systems or data.

— The challenges are also to serve SMBs adequately (to reduce the friction they must endure), while also avoiding high-touch interactions that can kill margins.

— Some of these challenges can be alleviated through software, APIs, and other ways to automate integrations. This is easier said than done but should be a north star in finding scalable SMB SaaS products.

— Another key strategy to reach the largest possible addressable market is to offer a sliding scale of software and services, as each business is different. Some SMBs and multi-location brand franchisees need their hands held (DIFM) more than others (DIY).

Frictionless Commerce: Ideas in Practice

Reducing consumer friction and increasing engagement through personalized conversations is the next frontier in digital commerce. Our panelists will dig into the practicality of implementing the technology and structures necessary to achieve a frictionless future.

Trevor King, Automotive Digital Retail Lead, Facebook
Ameet Kallarackal, CEO, Fisherman
Sarah Cucchiara, SVP, Channel Marketing Strategy, Brandmuscle

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