Localogy 2021: Embracing the ‘Near Me’ CX

Nick Hedges, Chief Strategy Officer, MomentFeed/Uberall, took the stage this morning at Localogy 2021 to talk about the emerging “Near-Me” customer experience.

The session began with a review of Uberall’s recent acquisition of MomentFeed, which Nick led as CEO. Then it pivoted to a discussion of how Covid has impacted how consumers find and interact with local businesses. And how local businesses need to adapt to these changes.

Here are a few key takeaways from Nick’s remarks.

Key Takeaways

– MomentFeed and Uberall had sympathetic cultures and were the perfect combination in terms of products, services, and geographies. Uberall has a strong listing solution and was very successful in gaining market share in Europe while MomentFeed was very good with social here in the U.S. MomentFeed has also tended to be direct to customers while Uberall has relied on the partnership model.

– The hybrid consumer is here to stay. So what is the hybrid consumer? Simply put, the consumer who uses online resources and purchases offline in real-life experiences. According to MomemtFeed data, 74% of consumers prefer in-store purchases at some point. Only 15% of consumers are purely online.

– Nick also shared that there are a couple of really interesting developments since Covid-19. First, large advertisers benefitted from Google Posts, Facebook ads, and Google food ordering. In particular, visual search has had a very big impact on ranking within Google. He went on to say that those images need to be local pictures and images as they rank very high.

He wrapped up the session by saying that the hybrid consumer is here to stay and every consumer needs to have a trusted online experience to align with their in-person experience.

Post-Pandemic: Embracing the ‘Near Me’ Customer Experience

While there is now a stronger tendency to start every purchase online, consumers are more locally directed in their behavior than ever. Location-based businesses can’t expect to simply return to the ‘old status quo’ and survive. The winners will be those who think about new ways to reconnect with consumers in both the digital and physical world we live in. This session will draw on new survey data and practical real-world customer examples from multi-location businesses.

Nick Hedges,
Momentfeed (a Uberall company)

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