Localogy 2021: Democratizing Video Ads

As camera quality and broadband have inflected and democratized over the past decade, video has become a brand imperative — whether that’s traditional ad spots or TikTok creations. But what about SMB adoption and execution, as they’re often lagging indicators? We examined today during a Localogy 2021 panel.

Key Takeaways

— For SMB marketing, it’s easy to chase shiny objects like TikTok. But it’s important to sit down with them to uncover end goals, then start there and devise the best channels.

— Look to newer formats such as YouTube product demonstrations or unboxing. Another trend is live mobile video streaming such as the QVC-like providers that are emerging. But in all cases, video format choices should be led by where the target audiences are.

— Sometimes it’s also a matter of finding YouTube influencers and amplifying their work if the messaging aligns.

— For lower hanging fruit, also think about lite-video formats including animations that bring together various existing assets or infographics. These types of videos can perform well in channels such as LinkedIn.

Localogy 2021: Democratizing Video Ads

Video, video, everywhere. The availability of video networks and DIY creator tools is nearly endless, creating both opportunity and noise in the marketplace. We’ll hear from video advertising experts, creatives, platforms and agencies on how to break through the rush to video and find success among what’s new and what’s next.

Kayla Kurtz
Director of Sales
Jonathan Mellinger
Brkthru Digital

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