Localogy 2021: Chat, SMS and the Next Frontier in Customer Engagement

Messaging is where millennials live. For that and other reasons, conversational commerce has emerged over the past decade as a place where brands need to be. How are Email, Push notifications, chat and SMS becoming both marketing and customer service channels? We examined during a panel discussion today at Localogy 2021.

Key Takeaways

— Consumers are being trained by large companies to expect that if and when they encounter to chat and messaging experience with an SMB, the experience will be at least as good as their experiences with large companies.

— In order for SMBs to engage with these engagement platforms, they have got to be simple, have a very low cost and business owners have to see an immediate result for their investment – these are the keys to success.

— SMBs share the same interest as the largest customers in the world — they have to show the results of their work quickly. The pandemic has driven this – and since no one is using the phone anymore, messaging has to deliver a very high-quality experience.

— There is a ton of stuff that has to go on in the background for a messaging or chat experience to be privacy compliant and deliver a great experience — none of which the SMB should see or wants to see.

— In terms of AI and ML, the key is to find ways to bring all the relevant data elements into the ML and AI platforms so that the power of ML and AI can really be leveraged, if the data isn’t in the right place, it is a pipe dream. The key will be contextualizing the experience – that is where ML and AI can really shine.

Chat, SMS and the Next Frontier in Customer Engagement

Earning a new customer is one feat, it’s quite another to keep them engaged. Email, Push notifications, Chat and SMS are continuing to drive customer value and enhance digital commerce. But is it overkill or an under utilized asset by SMBs.

Randall Turner
EVP, Strategy & Business Development
David Lehman
Chris Sampson
Head of Communication Services

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