Localogy 20/20: The Top Line Impact of 5G Rollouts

5G has become quite a buzzword and probably overused in a lot of marketing. But it’s a legitimate technology that will bring us much more than just faster networks.  Yes, 5G will be up to 100 times faster than 4G in some cases, but its advantages are more about what those higher speeds can accomplish in practical terms.

For example, as we’ve examined, 5G’s low range, high-frequency signal requires base stations that are hundreds of meters apart, versus the miles that separate 4G towers. That plus the technology’s precision means triangulating device location down to the millimeter, which has lots of local commerce implications.

But the opportunity stretches even further than that according to Ericson’s Emodo Institute Jake Moskowitz, a speaker at Localogy 20/20 today.

What Will 5G Mean for Local Commerce?

Smart Pipe

Moskowitz boils the 5G opportunity down to one of the technology’s core attributes: low-latency. This means there’s less lag in the transfer of data, which opens things up to more visually immersive technologies like AR and VR. The former has applicability to local commerce, such as informational overlays on storefronts.

But before future-gazing to 5G’s possibilities, one practical reality to overcome is network rollouts. And with that comes shifting paradigms for the players in the value chain — everyone from carriers to retailers. In fact, Moskowitz believes that carriers’ value will increase in a 5G world beyond the traditional “dumb pipe.”

As for retailers, 5G could end up fulfilling the lost promises of beacons. Due to the underlying traits mentioned above (low range, high frequency), 5G networks can power smart stores that do things like precise visual navigation, and AR-based product overlays. That will bring lots of benefits including “touchless” retail.

Lastly, speaking of AR, it’s faced lots of challenges in getting off the ground including cultural and technological barriers. 5G will alleviate the latter by enabling low-latency visually-immersive experiences. That could be fun & games like Pokemon Go, but the real opportunity is for visually-immersive local discovery.

For the full on-demand session, register for Localogy 20/20. And stay tuned for lots more session coverage as we dive into day 2 at 11 am EST tomorrow.


Top Line Impact of 5G Rollout
For nearly a decade before the launch of the iPhone, mobile was the hottest thing that never really took hold. Then the iPhone appeared and all the predictions began to be realized. Mobile ushered in the app economy. Now pundits and analysts are getting lathered up over the impact of 5G. Will it take a decade like it did the last time for the benefits and opportunities of 5G to be realized or will we see substantive changes as soon as the mid-decade? How will 5G impact the world of local …now and into the future

Jake Moskowitz, Ericsson Emodo Institute

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