Localogy 20/20: The Golden Ticket — Customer Intent

Aside from bringing great insights to the local space for years now, Duane Forrester of Yext is also a first-rate guitar maker. But that is a topic for another session. In our session, Duane and I touched on a number of key topics. Duane’s knowledge is vast.

What Duane brings to the discussion beyond knowledge is his agility. He can speak at a tactical level. Duane used to run search and SEO for part of Microsoft, after all. And he can just as comfortably speak at the highest levels. For example on the future of what “answers” really means within the world of search. 

The World Keeps Getting Smaller

Duane and I touched on how the pandemic has reoriented the mindset of many business owners to consider a wider, larger market opportunity. As Duane put it so well, “In terms of the universe, planet earth is pretty damn local. And in terms of the total addressable market, for that small business, the planet offers a lot more people than your community”. 

This means that relying on just the community around you for business (this is not true for all verticals or categories) may well be shortsighted. But this approach brings a host of new challenges the business owner might not be capable of meeting. 

The Consequence of Sound

One of the key points Duane makes is that anyone using video for their business must ensure the audio is as good as it can be. I’ve heard this from other video professionals. What you hear and how well it sounds maybe be more important than anything that you see. 

Duane and the folks at YEXT are thinking hard about the future of search and what it will look like. If you’ve been in the local space for any amount of time, you know how hell-bent YEXT is to help the ecosystem by surfacing “correct answers.” And making sure the correct answers are out there is probably more important than ever. We certainly don’t want to show up at a local store with our masks on an hour before the store really opens. And we really don’t want to eat gluten laced food when we thought we were dinning gluten-free.

The sheer number of answers that are out on the web today is incalculable. YEXT is right in doing their best to help the world of search serve up the most correct answers possible. In times like we’re living in today, knowing which answers are correct is no small feat. Let’s hope they help get it right. 

The Golden Ticket: Customer Intent

With the increasing influence of Millennial and Gen Z, today’s digital world is vastly different than years gone by, especially when it comes to search. We’ll discuss the importance of customer intent, as well as the best ways to capture their attention before they bounce from your site. But it’s not just about keeping them on your domain longer; by answering their intent-based questions with contextual and official answers you can increase engagement, drive more transactions, and build customer loyalty.

Duane Forester, YEXT
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