Localogy 20/20: Modernizing Multi-Location Marketing

I have moderated a few sessions with Monica Ho of SOCi over the years. Monica is the commensurate professional and is always a pleasure to have on a panel. On today’s panel, Monica invited a SOCi client to join us — Christian Betancourt from Self Esteem Brands. Monica’s main theme is centered around the notion of a localized marketing imperative. She presented some really compelling findings from recent research SOCi conducted with Forrester. 

Three Key Themes for Location Marketers

Our discussion surfaced three big trends that location marketers need to be aware of and act on. 

  1. Omnichannel marketing is now like power. You have to have it to be in business in today’s pandemic
  2. The revival of community. Marketing must connect to communities in authentic and personal ways
  3. A growing need for consumers to shop locally. Consumers understand that their communities depend on them voting with their pocketbooks. 

Monica points out that as a marketer you really must pay attention to the three primary platforms. Google and GMB, Facebook, and its associated platforms, and Yelp. I asked Christian from Self Esteem Brands (they run some 5,000 multi-location fitness and health-related studios around the country)  what he thought of TikTok. He was extremely bullish on the opportunity TikTok offered and even revealed that the company was doing a number of tests on the platform. 

Can’t Beat Local Engagement 

One of the key points I found most interesting during my session with Monica and Christian was when they showed the “national” Facebook post and compared it to the “local” Facebook post. So the national post offered me some pretty generic information. It told me I need to hydrate and so on. And as a consequence, it had a meager “like” or two.

By contrast, the local post displayed authenticity with some clearly amateur photos. And, go figure, it had more than 60 “likes”. This contrast really speaks to how important it is for national brands to “localize” their messaging. Not surprising this is something we at Localogy have been saying for years. But years ago the platforms weren’t able to execute on these local messaging requirements. Now there are platforms that can help brand managers push out localized messages. 

Modernizing Multi-Location Marketing
Most brands still generate the majority of their revenue from in-store, physical sales. But how do you localize a national marketing strategy to drive customers into your locations post pandemic? During this session you will learn about the strategy that has led to 3X sales growth for businesses, and which processes and tools your multi-location business should hone in on to achieve localized marketing success.

Monico Ho, SOCi
Christian Betancourt, Self Esteem Brands
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