Lessons from a Remarkably Transparent Organization

For some time now I have been talking about my initiative ThinkLikeAnApp. I have continued to speak and write about why ThinkLikeAnApp is so important in today’s world. I explain how companies and entities must reorient their practices in ways that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the “modern consumer”.

One of the chief pillars of ThinkLikeAnApp is the notion of Transparency. Transparency is a fundamental driver of building trust in the buyer’s mind. Not being transparent is the kiss of death in today’s world of instant network connectivity. I can list countless examples of companies thinking they could hide a mistake or questionable business practice. So guess what always happens? They get caught and enter damage control mode. Like clockwork.

So I read with great interest a LinkedIn post this week from an entity I had never heard of before. Examine.com is, according to its website, “The largest database of nutrition and supplement research on the Internet. Founded in early 2011, our mission is to analyze the full body of evidence to help you make healthy choices.”

Transparency in Action

The post that caught my interest is titled “Mistakes by Examine.com – Known issues and how we’re tackling them – update July 2020.” The nearly 2,400-word post clearly calls out the mistakes they’ve made in three buckets – content, presentations, and organizations. They even take the steps to color-code their mistakes and determine how far along they are in solving them with red (still a long way to go), yellow (making good progress), and green (nearly solved). You can see an example from the post here.

Can you imagine any of the companies in the local space being as transparent and upfront as Examine.com? That would turn a ton of heads among partners, competitors, and customers. Sooner or later, this will happen in my view. And I wonder which company in the Localogy ecosystem will be the first to do this. Any suggestions of who should be first? Any bets on who will go first?

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