It’s Finally Here — “Stories as a Service”

In a world where too many companies push out generic content in the name of driving their brands’ uniqueness and authenticity, perhaps there is a need for a new company offering “Stories as a Service” model. 

Enter Storyteller. This Scotland-based company is an offshoot of digital and entertainment agency Storm Ideas.  

Of course, stories are also a primary currency of some social platforms, in particular Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. So Storyteller is a very interesting attempt to fix one of the key problems out there on the Internet — poorly crafted stories about businesses.  Bob Thomson launched the Storm Ideas agency in 2009 and has been tweaking initiatives to help his clients achieve more compelling marketing positions. The 70 person agency offers strategic advice, campaign design, development, and content for clients across the sports and entertainment sectors.

Thomson said the following in a TechCrunch interview about U.S. and U.K. clients wanting to generate compelling stories.

“They need to build the [user interface] for it. Then they need to rebuild it for Android, iOS, and web. And they need to build a whole backend for it to interact with. And then — often the kind of thing that gets forgotten — you also need tools to manage all that. We felt there was an opportunity to look at a product that did all that for you.”

Storyteller’s clients can leverage a content management system (CMS) to author and publish their Stories, and track their performance.

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Moving Downmarket

Storyteller is now a stand-alone business. It already serves millions of users across a number of enterprise apps in sports and entertainment.

Thomson said that the new company is already into the “double figures in terms of those big enterprise-type implementations.”  He adds, “that’s a great basis to go from. We’ve taken on some of the hardest challenges first . . . But obviously, we want to also open this up to more and more medium-sized clients. Those who maybe want to self-serve a little more or have more of a hands-off approach.”

The new initiative currently has about 30 people working on growing and improving the Storyteller offering. Today, the company isn’t looking to raise money. Thompson has been bankrolling the effort so far. That’s not to say they wouldn’t find a round of money helpful. 

“Storyteller may be a new product, but the leadership team behind it is anything but,” Thompson said. “We have gathered together an exceptional team of experienced and driven people to make this product the best that it can be.

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“With a strong background in providing products and services to the world’s largest in the sports and entertainment industry, the Storyteller team is perfectly placed to bring Stories as a Service to the world’s biggest businesses. And to the small ones as well.”

If Thompson and the team can build the Storyteller model into something substantive, there is no telling where they could take the business. After all, everyone needs to tell a good story. 

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