Introducing LSA Insights: New Local Media Performance and Planning Tool

Today, all of us here at the Local Search Association (LSA) are excited to announce the release of our new local media performance and planning tool, LSA Insights (  After nearly two years in the making, LSA Insights is up and running and ready to help local media publishers, agencies and brand marketers unleash the power of local.

With over 20 years of experience measuring ad performance, we have taken that expertise and applied it to a variety of local media outlets. While new data is added regularly, currently LSA Insights houses mobile, paid search, print and internet yellow pages data for over 350,000 campaigns and we are in the process of adding social media and video data as well.

Users of LSA Insights can refine the data based on category, geography and campaign type in order to unlock powerful, media specific insights with just a few clicks. Today, the tool is ready to assist in developing better market intelligence, campaign benchmarking, more efficient budget allocation and media planning and more effective sales tools and marketing content and collateral.

“For too long, the local media rep hasn’t had all the necessary data to make a convincing argument to their prospect or customer as to which media to invest in,” said Neal Polachek, industry advisor at BuzzBoard. “Now, with LSA Insights, the local media rep can build a more compelling case and help earn the trust that’s required to cement long term relationships.”

In addition to the database, LSA Insights is our new research portal containing proprietary reports, infographics, white papers and other data on local marketing and advertising.  As we continue to grow our research offerings for the industry, is where these insights will be found.

There are a wide range of use cases for the tool that span beyond the local media space. Below are just some common potential users and the benefits these users might find from our new tool:


We put a lot of time and effort into the development of this tool, but most of what we did was guided by feedback from the industry.  From CEOs to sales managers, we interviewed over 65 experts in the space to better understand how LSA could help elevate our dynamic industry.

To sum up all the feedback, we found that the industry wanted a better understanding of the power of local media.  More specifically, there was a strong interest in a searchable database highlighting local media metrics and data, with particular interest in mobile, social media, paid search and display and video advertising. LSA Insights is our answer to this industry demand.

“If I had a tool like this two months ago, I would have changed the way I pitched a few potential clients,” said Myles Bergh, VP client strategy at Michaels Wilder Agency.

If you are interested in learning more about LSA Insights, check out the video below, or contact Jason Peaslee, director of research at LSA, at (248) 244-6206.

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