iHeart Helps SMBs Reach Customers as They Reopen

In such a dynamic time, we’re seeing lots of tech and media companies shift their product road maps. Some products get shelved while others get fast-tracked as shifting ground has transformed the market’s demand signals. As we examined last week, the name of the game is to pivot with agility.

The latest company to demonstrate this is iHeartMedia. Fresh off its Q1 earnings, the company has rolled out a new product suite that’s aimed at helping local businesses reconnect with customers. This is meant to serve local businesses as they return to commerce operations and customer engagement.

Specifically, its SmartAudio COVID Recovery Program is a dedicated marketing package for local businesses to get the right messaging out for the specifics of their reopening plan.  This includes distribution through iHeart’s broadcast radio stations and digital platforms.

The program primarily consists of three components. The first is the SmartAudio COVID Community Recovery Index. Powered by Cuebiq, this targets consumers with contextually-relevant messaging, based on their location. This can be informed by things like proximity to shopping areas.

The second part of the program is known as SmartAudio Brand Loyalist. This deals mostly with iHeart’s broadcast radio network. It applies its well-refined data science and targeting tactics to find a  given business’ customers across 850 radio stations, including segmented dayparts.

Lastly, SmartAudio Unlimited is the third component which applies ad creative across both broadcast and digital streaming channels. The latter consists of audio content like podcasts, as well as social media presence. The idea is to achieve brand repetition and maximum reach across these channels.

“The SmartAudio COVID Recovery Program helps businesses reach their customers with the right message at the right time,” iHeartMedia EVP for Advanced Audio & Data Revenue Justin Nesci told Localogy, “and we think it will help businesses more effectively connect with customers after the challenge they face in re-opening their businesses following supply chain disruptions and shelter-in-place orders.”

The new suite of ad products is available immediately and should help businesses get the message out to their customers as they reopen. Just like we saw on the other end of this situation as businesses shut down, business details and attributes will be dynamic, so it will be all about targeted communication.

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