Evocalize’s Rapid Growth Validates Collaborative Marketing Approach

The Seattle-based collaborative marketing platform company Evocalize has just reported a 400% increase in new customer acquisition from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021. While this is an impressive feat in normal times, it’s even more remarkable during a pandemic. The company has also doubled its headcount. And, finally, it has opened a second office in Austin, Texas.

The collaborative marketing platform (CMP) is Evocalize’s secret sauce. The underlying premise of the CMP is that most organizations lack access to the full toolset that would allow them to achieve optimal results with digital marketing campaigns. And these days this means campaigns on Facebook and Google. They can create more effective campaigns if they join forces with partners via the CMP. They can get better results by sharing data, best practices, content, messaging, and more.

Here is how the company, founded in 2012, describes its proposition on its website.

The complexity of our data-first world requires a business to have deep expertise, data, and technology to become success with digital marketing. But many businesses are missing one or more of these requirements. So they must seek collaborative relationships with partners to find success.

We build technology that enables collaboration between partners so expertise, data, and technology can be shared. This gives businesses in need an “easy button” and levels the playing field.

Better Together

We asked Evocalize CEO Matthew Marx to explain the company’s recent success.

“In today’s data-first world, it’s crucial for businesses to have expertise, data, budget, and technology to get true business returns from their digital marketing efforts,” Marx told Localogy Insider. “That said, it’s complicated, and many businesses or locations are missing one or more of these ingredients. As a result, while sophisticated consumer brands now spend over two-thirds of their marketing budgets on ROI-generating digital channels, local marketers still spend two-thirds of their budgets on traditional channels that are hard to measure and often fail to provide a return on investment.”

Marx said Evolcalize solves this issue with its CMP. It does so by helping its partners execute marketing programs at a scale they would struggle to achieve on their own.

Local Marketers and Digital Marketing’s Cookieless Future

“I am extremely proud of our team and our accomplishments over the past year, which has led to a 400% growth in new clients. These include technology providers, marketplaces, and multi-location brands,” Marx said. “Our team continues to help businesses thrive in the digital marketing space despite challenges many have faced during the pandemic. But our work is just beginning.”

Specifically, Evocalize cites its developer tools as a major growth driver. This marketing infrastructure solution involves a collection of APIs that allows product teams to integrate paid media capabilities into their own technology.

Evocalize has executed some 850,000 local marketing programs with its partners over the years. Its clients include Realtor.comRemine, and Strategic Insurance Software. Evocalize is a venture back company. Its investors include Seattle-based Madrona Ventures Group and Second Century Ventures. Century is the venture capital arm of the National Association of Realtors.

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