Duda Launches New Portal for Web Pros

Website builder Duda announced today that it has launched a new community portal for web pros named, logically enough, Duda Community.

Duda describes the hub this way. “A space where web professionals can meet, exchange ideas, create conversations around similar interests, build partnerships, and learn new skills.”

The company uses a few key resellers channels. There are of course the enterprise partners. These include Yellow Pages and other media publishers, hosting companies, and SaaS platforms. And there is the freelance website developer, graphics designer community that represents a robust long-tail of resellers. The community portal is design for this latter group.

“Duda Community gives us the ability to create a focused content hub for our customers,” Duda CEO Itai Sadan told Localogy Insider. “Thereby enabling them to not only connect with their peers to increase their expertise but also easily access community-created resources.”

Duda has raised $100 million since its 2009 founding. And $75 million of this came since 2019. The company has applied some of this funding to bolster its product stack. The most recent example of this is its acquisition last September of Snipcart, a “headless commerce” solution. That deal strengthened Duda’s eCommerce capabilities and its appeal to website developers. It also saved Duda years of development time.

This portal is a new example of Duda’s efforts to support its freelancer channel.

Regaining a Sense of Community

We asked Duda CEO Itai Sadan to tell us why this portal matters. And why now.

He said the rationale for the community portal’s impetus has a lot to do with seeing how design professionals craved community during the pandemic.

“Ways of working have changed considerably, causing professionals to feel like they’re in silos – isolated from the peer-to-peer interactions that they would have experienced prior to the pandemic,” Itai told Localogy Insider. “Two years have gone by, and we’ve all made peace with the new normal, digital-first professional life. However, the sense of community is still missing from most professionals’ online interactions.”

Itai also sees the portal as a way for Duda to get closer access to the feedback loop from its key customers. This helps Duda stay ahead of the curve in product development.

“Portals like Duda Community are valuable because they provide a sense of community and camaraderie among web professionals,” Itai said. “They also create a direct feedback funnel (with internal product teams) that enables web professionals to aid in shaping the features that power their business. At the same time, the portal allows Duda to get a front-row seat to the inner workings of our target customers.”

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