Digital Boot Camp: Email Marketing Tips for SMBs

During this session a representative from email marketing company Constant Contact provided some really practical tips on creating content and be more effective with this content, specifcialy via email marketing. Here are some of the tips he discussed:

  • Repeat customer is more valuable than any other customer that you have so try and reach them;
  • Content and story telling is what matters; good content is what is shared;
  • 65% of all emails are looked at on mobile, test emails first for mobile before sending;
  • Give customers what they want, not 10% off what you want to sell them;
  • Whatever your business is, that isn’t your business; your business is customer service and making sure people are happy;
  • Happy customers become your marketing machine;
  • Make sure your emails are shareable;
  • Don’t give deals to public, give it to best customers;
  • 80% of the content in your emails needs to be about your customer 20% about business;
  • Write about what you know that your customer doesn’t, what you have access to that your customer doesn’t and be interesting and relevant;
  • Download a blank calendar and create a content schedule.
  • Be relevant by responding to holidays and other important dates;
  • Create content that can be re-purposed on social media, blogs, etc.;
  • Email has to be short and to the point;
  • Use pictures but don’t lock everything up in pictures;
  • Three most important factos for someone reading your email: 1. Who is it from 2. What is the subject and 3. what time did the email come in?
  • Email service providers helps prevent emails from going to spam;
  • Ask questions in subject line
  • Find your best day by testing

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