Data Axle Strengthens SMB Offering with Exact Data Acquisition

Data Axle, once known as Infogroup, wants to be the big cheese in small business data-driven marketing solutions.

So to that end, the Dallas-based company has acquired Chicago-based Exact Data. The latter provides “multi-channel marketing solutions.” As far as we can tell, the company’s bread-and-butter solution is email marketing lists. But its services also include data enhancement and enrichment.

Data Axle did not disclose deal terms.

Toronto-born Larry Organ founded Exact Data in 2001, according to the deal announcement. However, the Exact Data website and Organ’s LinkedIn page suggest the company was actually founded in 1999. Organ is now General Manager, SMB, for Data Axle. He reports to President, Local Marketing Solutions Mark Cullinane, who runs SMB for Data Axle.

Cullinane shared a few thoughts on what made Exact Data such a good acquisition target.

“Exact Data has built a robust and easy-to-use online platform and a large complementary customer base. The combination is a winner,” Cullinane said. “We will allow our customers to more easily access the data they want. We will also bring a full suite of marketing solutions and services to Exact Data customers. Our combined customers will enhance their sales and marketing efforts and drive better results.”

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The Future of Data Driven-Marketing

Organ had a busy entrepreneurial career before he launched Exact Data. He founded FastWeb, which Monster Worldwide acquired. And he launched JobsOnline, later acquired by Acxiom.

Organ said this about the acquisition.

“What Data Axle and Exact Data are doing together effectively elevates the industry standard for what SMBs can expect from their data-driven solutions and service. In addition to our companies’ strategic alignment, our vision for the future of data-driven marketing could not be more synchronized. We’ve been a happy client of Data Axle for more than a decade. And [we] are thrilled to come together as one force in service of the SMB space.”

Data Axle sees the deal filling out its marketing data solution set for SMBs. And it expanded its customer base to 40,000 organizations. It’s unclear how big an increase this is for Data Axle.

Data Axle Chairman and CEO Michael Iaccarino said this about the deal.

“We have admired Exact Data’s dedication to the small-to-medium sized marketplace,” Iaccarino said. He added that the companies’ long experience together gave him confidence that the two organizations would mesh easily.

In addition to SMBs, Data Axle also works with enterprise, nonprofit and political organizations. The cloud-based company updates its data in real-time via APIs and other integrations.

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