Data: 80% of Brands Don’t Have a Long-Term Mobile Strategy

According to a new study, 80% of brands don’t have a long-term mobile strategy. Of that 80%, 32% weren’t well defined, 25% didn’t have a strategy but were working on it, and 23% didn’t have any mobile strategy at all. While a finding you might expect for SMBs without large marketing budgets, it is shocking to see this at the brand level.

Mobile strategies will vary by industry, but all brands need to understand how consumers use mobile devices. Whether it is simply updating websites to be mobile friendly, or developing mobile interfaces/apps that improve the customer experience, brands need to address the growing “mobile-first” consumer.

Similarly, the data being generated by mobile devices is helping brands understand audiences, locations and campaign performance. The data derived from devices, is another mobile angle brands shouldn’t ignore.

The data comes from the recent Econsultancy/Adobe report titled, “Taking Advantage of the Mobile Opportunity” which surveyed 2,038 marketers and digital professionals. To access the graphic above, click here.

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