Data: 54% of Retailers Say Digital Targeting Not a Priority

When it comes to targeting consumers on digital media, over half of retailers said this is not a priority right now. A new Altimeter study of 500 CPG brands and retailers showed that most brands utilize digital media for brand-building, missing out on the opportunity to send relevant, personalized messages to local consumers.

Digital targeting offers brands an opportunity to bridge the online and offline experience. However, the study found that only 37% said they had an online-to-offline strategy in place geared towards creating a unified customer experience.

The study argues that data and the evolution of digital media/tech has introduced new ways for brands to drive consumer actions via relevant advertising that can translate into actual revenue. Retailers in particular have a lot to gain from increased foot traffic given that the majority of purchases still take place in brick and mortar locations.

Similarly, yet more generically, retailers aren’t delivering a “seamless retail” experience to customers according to research from Accenture. While the Accenture study looks more at commerce and the in-store shopping experience, it suggests that retailers are still behind in utilizing available tech to improve the customer experience with their business.

The data comes Altimeter’s report “From Web Traffic to Foot Traffic.” Over 500 CPG brands and retailers were surveyed. To access a full size version of the graphic above, click here.

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