Broadly and Bosch Car Service Partner to Amp Up Customer Experience

Broadly recently announced a deal with Bosch Car Service to provide its shops with Broadly’s customer experience toolkit. This means solutions to help businesses connect with modern consumers. For example, web chat, text messaging, automated review requests, and contactless payments.

Broadly is one among several companies in the local space that has pivoted from reviews management and become a customer experience platform. CX is all the rage in local. And there is a huge opportunity in offering tools to help small and multi-location businesses deliver quality customer experience. The big idea behind the CX movement is to deal with customers in the manner they prefer. For example, don’t call them if they’d prefer a text message. Don’t make them pay in person when they’d rather pay online or through an app. And so on.

It’s also about a shift from reactive to proactive customer service that addresses the full end-to-end journey of the customer. One example of this might be texting photo updates to customers on the progress of their car repair. It’s something customers are unlikely to ask for but are almost certain to appreciate. 

High-Tech CX

Bosch Car Service is an automotive parts and repair business that has 100 North American locations. It’s a unit of Bosch Group, a global technology company. Automotive is one of the sectors Broadly specializes in, along with home services, medical/dental, and others.

“Bosch is committed to helping our shops pair personal customer service with a high-tech customer experience,” said Jean-Philippe “JP” Persico, Bosch’s director of strategy, innovation, and workshop business. “We started this journey with the introduction of Shop-Ware as the preferred management system. And [we] are now deepening our focus of a customer-first mindset with our go-to-market collaboration with Broadly, that will further enrich the auto repair experience for our customers.”

Another Acceleration Example

We caught up with Chris Deianni, Head of Business Development at Broadly, to discuss the bigger picture behind the Bosch deal. 

He noted that the CX movement has been brewing for a while. But as with seemingly everything else, COVID kicked on the adoption after-burners. 

“We’ve all read that Covid-19 has accelerated the need for local businesses to adopt technology that improves customer experience,” Chris told us. “Broadly helps our customers do that by providing the tools for experiences that are fast, convenient, friendly, and knowledgeable from start to finish. Whether you are ordering contactless delivery from a local restaurant, taking a virtual tour of a museum, or scheduling your car for routine service, more than ever customers expect the process to be simple and seamless.”

He said Bosch was already sold on the importance of how improved customer experience drives results.

“Bosch identified the need to adopt technology to improve CX well before Covid-19,” he said. “They are leveling up the service experience their repair centers provide because they understand the positive impact on revenue. And they see Broadly as being a key part of that experience.”

Chris said ultimately customers gravitate to good service more so that to the best technology. 

“There are many companies with great software that works. It has to. But where great companies succeed is with customer experience. Broadly customers know that the software is powerful, but what they remember and tell their friends about is the support and service we deliver,” Chris said. “This can be captured in a comment that I heard from Neal Polachek, ‘Software is code and Customer Experience is gold.'”

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