Beyond Private Label Wants to Help Get Your SMB Clients Online

Beyond Private Label (BPL) is an internal, private-label provider of custom websites, mobile websites, and other digital products. By integrating with client operations, BPL helps yield major cost savings while creating immediate, ongoing, and significant bottom line profits for clients. The company’s digital products are what 100% of small businesses need to succeed and these products are “sticky,” meaning that once the small business gets them, they are dependent on them for the life of the their business. BPL’s “one more person than we need” service standards have enabled various partners to attract new customers while extending and solidifying existing relationships with SMBs.

We caught up with Kevin Wendt, business development manager at Beyond Private Label, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does Beyond Private Label solve? How?
BPL creates digital marketing solutions for our partners’ merchants/advertisers so they get found in all major search engines. A small business without a strong online presence in today’s internet connected world is losing credibility by the minute, not to mention customers.

What makes Beyond Private Label innovative?
BPL builds complete digital solutions that create lifelong relationships with each small business owner, providing updates, as well as maintaining and managing all of their digital products with one call! Our program is not a do it yourself interface. We do all the work for your customers and our program is seamless for your company. We train, coach, and support your sales team so they can immediately start making sales to their local merchants.   These digital products will immediately start increasing your bottom line profits in real-time. These residually-oriented digital products, will not only increase the lifetime value of each of your customers, but it will drive EBITDA to your bottom line month after month!

How does Beyond Private Label make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
BPL’s coordinated solutions enable a single point of coordination for all digital products and online media. Our innovative approach of not only making the content for the SMB but also providing base SEO, creates significant value for business owners and adds credibility to our channel partners and their sales teams.  Our plug-n-play solution collapses integration and rollout timeframes and simplifies the digital training process for quicker comprehension and ramped-up results.  We create quantifiable results in real time for our advertising partners.   

More about Beyond Private Label

BPL’s digital product lineup provides sales reps with a competitive differentiator intended to drive more sales and create new long-term residual income for your company. The company’s digital product lineup is designed to bring immediate and quantifiable increased results to SMB customers. With a transparent fulfillment process, sales teams are able to seamlessly add our digital products to their own product suite while maintaining a direct and personal relationship with each of their customers.

For more visit, email Kevin Wendt directly or check out the video below.

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