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Localogy 2022 — Privacy 2022

James Ward joined Localogy 2022 from London – having been stung by the latest version of Covid. In his session, he spoke about the never-ending,

Localogy 2022 — M&A Roundtable

Our panel of investors pointed to a few rules of the road given today’s market correction. But first, we asked why has there been a

Localogy 2022 — Pivoting with Agility

Data companies are sitting in an interesting spot these days. Those that focus on making sense of the data and driving product development from the

Tales from the Front Lines of Local

So yesterday we had an opportunity to talk to a local business owner about the current state of local commerce. It’s a chance we never

New SMB Survey Highlights IT Opportunity

We often write about the broader opportunities out there to help local, small, and medium-sized businesses by looking beyond sales, marketing, and operations to consider

BeReal Is All About Being Real, Really

As analysts, we’re always trying to figure out “what’s next” in our world of connectivity. We recently came across some coverage of an emerging app

MatchCraft Seeks Growth Down South

Long-time local adtech provider MatchCraft has announced a new partnership with Brazilian digital marketing platform Ellohub. Brazil, the world’s 7th largest economy, is home to