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Google My Business

A Virtual Day of Learning All Things GMB

Yesterday I had a chance to experience the LocalU Virtual conference event. The team at LocalU lead by Joy Hawkins, Mary Bowling, and Mike Blumenthal,


A Pandemic Checklist for Dentists

Localogy Insider is examining how small businesses in a variety of categories are addressing the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this installment,

Voice search

Alexa, Is Voice Commerce on Pause?

I remember well when we used to push forward the argument that mobile search was going to take over desktop search. That was years ago


Should You Help Your Customers Quit You?

My friend Charles Laughlin recently sent me this thought-provoking article about the SaaS world, “Why Subscription Businesses Need To Let Their Users Quit.“┬áJust imagine a

IAC Bets Big on Local Caring

According to, IAC has agreed to purchase for $500 million in cash at a 13% premium. What could be more local than a