ActiveCampaign Acquires Postmark Maker Wildbit

Sometimes life just works in funny ways. We were not paying much attention to ActiveCampaign before we started to learn about the company in the last year or so. 

Then we heard from Maria Pergolino at Localogy 2022 two weeks ago. And then we saw the news of ActiveCampaign buying something called Postmark and DMARC Digests. These two products come from a company called Wildbit. So you might say ActiveCampaign is now fully on our radar, and with good reason. 

We took a look at what ActiveCampaign bought and here’s what we learned. First, we learned that whatever ActiveCampaign bought in terms of product, they bought into a clear people-first culture at Wildbit. One just needs to look at the Wilbit website to see that the people who build their products are featured on the website. 

Here is what Wildbit CEO and co-founder Natalie Nagele said about the deal. She addresses people issues right up front.

“One of the key reasons [husband, CTO and co-founder] Chris and I agreed to this acquisition was because of the commitments ActiveCampaign has made to our team, and the way in which they have insisted in minimizing any disruptions in how we work,” Nagele said.

“I feel privileged to share that they offered every single team member a position within their organization. And every single person has accepted the offer.”

That is a telling statement. It suggests that they did a pretty thorough business and cultural due diligence process before agreeing to the deal. 

One Plus One Equals…More than Two

Deal terms were not disclosed. The companies did put this out into the public domain to share with customers how they saw the equation of one plus one equals more than two. From what we can tell the company’s most important product is Postmark. Postmark is an email delivery product. They make it clear that spammers are not tolerated at Postmark. Seems that email delivery and reliability are at the heart of what Postmark does. They compete with the likes of SendGrid, Mailgun, Amazon SES, Sparkpost and Mandrill. 

Based on what the companies disclosed, they will continue to offer Postmark as a standalone product. But now will have a bigger market to pursue and more resources to add to developing the product further. Apparently one of both companies‘ core values is that they “do not raise prices” on their own existing customers. And there are no plans to do so going forward. 

Postmark’s Perspective

The Postmark team provided some additional context for their customers in a message shared upon closing the transaction. Here are some highlights from Postmark’s perspective on the deal.

  • ActiveCampaign is a thoughtful, product-led, Chicago-based company that gives small businesses the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools they need to create incredible customer experiences.
  • Their customers understand that user-initiated communications like password resets, order confirmations, and billing notifications are critical to building trust and relationships. Bringing the platforms together will give these small businesses a unified view of all the communications being sent to their customers.
  • We both don’t believe in raising pricing on existing customers. ActiveCampaign even has a price guarantee.
  • We both allow customers to turn off links and open tracking. For our customers that care about user privacy, it’s an increasingly rare feature to find in an email service.
  • We share perspectives on being product-led, customer-first, and purpose-driven by staying close to customers, finding new ways to provide value to them, and creating a company culture focused on supporting those customers.
  • This may seem small, but we both believe that if someone has the right to contact you, you should have the right to respond. We’ve each written about why “no-reply” communications are no good, and how our own messages will come from accounts monitored by real people who will see—and respond—to your reply.
And ActiveCampaign’s

And here’s what ActiveCampaign had to say about the transaction to their customers. 

  • The ability to unify your message, voice, brand, and customer data to create a conversation across sales, marketing, and transactional events.
  • The ability to understand all your customer data and gain a full picture of your communications, allowing you to send the right message, personalized in the right way, at the right time.
  • Customers can look forward to a seamless integration between the two platforms, which will allow ActiveCampaign users to send a transactional email via an automation. A seamless drag and drop builder and out-of-the-box automations harness the power of transactional email. This will join a commitment to developers that a code-based approach will not only remain but be a focus of innovation. Code or no-code, the choice is yours!
  • ActiveCampaign brings enterprise power to businesses of all sizes. We’re a leader in marketing automation. And we make automation possible for everyone, regardless of expertise, with pre-built recipes and an intuitive visual automation builder. We’re now committing to being the first platform to bring recipes to transactional email. 
CX, Automation, Personalization

So we note that throughout these communications the tow companies are focused on a few key themes. Customer experience, automation, and personalization.

We will continue to follow the ActiveCampaign story. We look forward to seeing how they continue to drive “hypergrowth” now that we’re finally paying attention.

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