Technology Really Does Help Small Businesses

We are always keeping an out for interesting data about the state of the SMB marketplace. This week we found that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had released a new nationwide survey and economic analysis measuring the effect of technology platforms on small businesses and the economy.   The survey and analysis were conducted by Teneo […]

Best Buy Rethinks Retail Spaces

Amidst ongoing retail transformation, Best Buy wants to join the party. Its new digital-first store takes a page from the Apple Store with 1/8 the footprint of the average Best Buy Location, and a streamlined shopping experience.  

Thryv Goes Deep in Small Business Messaging

We have written previously about how important it is for small businesses to communicate with their prospects and customers through their preferred channels. And more and more this means text messaging. Thryv, the Yellow Pages operator turned small business software platform is doing something about this. The company announced an integration this week with Google’s […]