Microsoft ‘Cloud for Retail’ Joins the RaaS Race

Microsoft is joining the RaaS landscape, or at least it will soon. February 1 marks the general availability of Microsoft Cloud for Retail. It’s is all about federating data to inform strategy and optimize operations – everything from inventory to store layouts.

SMB Neobank Novo Powers Ahead with Fresh $90M

Novo, a Miami-based SMB-focused fintech, has just raised an attention-worthy $90 million Series B round. Novo is building its SMB focused digital banking business from the ground up. Now, with some fresh funding, the company plans to further accelerate its growth. And after looking at what Novo has accomplished since its 2016 founding, we predict […]

The 3 location data trends businesses need to pay attention to in 2022

As we near the second anniversary of the onset of COVID-19, the world is still struggling to fully comprehend the virus’ full impact on human behaviors. While experts and laypeople alike have tracked many of the most significant changes – the fluctuating shopping behaviors, Remote Work wave, and crowd avoidance – we are still at […]