Video Vault: Pivoting with Agility

When Covid hit, the technology needs of small businesses owners changed almost overnight. Suddenly they needed contactless everything. This was true from ordering products, to accepting payments, making deliveries, and even delivering services in a virtual fashion. Businesses that could get away with credit card terminals from the 1970s plus sticky notes now needed to […]

PayZen Wants to Bring ‘CNPL’ to Health Care

As we’ve written extensively here, buy now, pay later is no longer just for consumer goods like clothing and electronics. BNPL, which involves acquiring something today and paying it back in equal installments, has been spreading its wings for a while. Increasingly BNPL purchases involve bigger-ticket items like furniture and large appliances, travel, home repairs, […]

Kylas Looks to Upskill India’s Small Businesses

Three Indian entrepreneurs began a digital agency in 2010 with the intention of helping small and medium-sized businesses adopt digital marketing solutions. Sound familiar? Of course it does. And they quickly learned how ill-prepared the market was to adopt digital technology. Agencies worldwide have learned this lesson over and over again. Yet entrepreneurs always seem […]