New Mastercard Research Shows Global SMB Optimism

As one of the most important players in the local and small business economy, we’re always eager to see data that comes out of Mastercard. The financial services giant released a report earlier this week showing a sense of optimism among global small businesses. The study, Recovery Insights: Small Business Reset considers the situation of […]

How This Week’s Facebook Outage Impacted Local Businesses

Earlier this week Facebook was offline for six hours. We found an interesting article detailing the challenges two small business owners faced during the outage. The first business owner is J.D. Holland. He runs a farm store and nutrition club in a rural community called Burnsville, Mississippi.  When Facebook went offline he printed (yes printed) […]

Snap’s AR Lab Brings Immersive Ads to the Masses

Emerging and immersive ad formats continue to hold promise, though they’re mostly still in early adopter phases among brands and SMBs. By immersive ads, we mean formats that utilize the camera (Gen-Z friendly) to offer 3D interactivity, such as virtually trying on shoes or shades of lipstick. This category includes AR and social lenses — the […]