What Are “Necessity Entrepreneurs” and Why Do They Matter?

The other day I was searching for some data on how many more businesses were being launched during Covid vs. pre-Covid. The numbers are way up by the way. In the process, I came across a term that I was familiar with but hadn’t thought much about. The term is “necessity entrepreneur.” It’s not a […]

Thryv Greets New Wave of Entrepreneurs with Free Toolkit

In the SaaS world, there is both art and science to using free products as part of a customer acquisition strategy. Some companies give away highly functional versions of their software knowing full well that the majority of users will never upgrade. It’s worth it as long as a sufficient number sees value and moves […]

Place Rewind: Defining the Next Era of Payments

The way we pay for things continues to transform. This isn’t a new trend, as smartphone ubiquity was the catalyst for years of ongoing payments disruption. But we’re also seeing new systems develop — the topic of a recent panel at Localogy Place.