Can TikTok Kill the Resume?

There have been various efforts over the past decade to replace the humble resume. A longtime staple and standard of evaluating job applicants for businesses of all sizes, is it overdue for an overhaul? It’s one of the last vestiges of business operations that haven’t been disrupted in the digital age. You could argue that […]

Aptly Named Remote Making Global Hiring Frictionless

It is not always that a company name can communicate so much with six letters. Apple, which has six letters didn’t suggest much when it began. Neither did Amazon mean much. But along comes a new entrant in the human capital management workspace, Remote. Launching in January 2019, the company could not have timed its […]

Shopmonkey Raises $75M to Modernize the Auto Repair Business

We often compare today’s business environment with the print Yellow Pages era. Back in the day, multiple vertical categories were rolled into one big, fat printed directory. Then we evangelized the need to shift to a world of vertical-centric sales and content. That day has long since arrived. And vertical SaaS company Shopmonkey‘s recent Series […]